99 reasons why showing software uptime matters but we ain’t one!


The importance of showing software reliability

Where showings are concerned, software reliability is of utmost importance, you need it to work real time, every time. With a potential buyer beside you the system has to enable the showing! Whether this is tailored to a lockbox entry code or buyers valuable feedback – the increasing demand and expectations of software is growing and the sellers and realtors patience for failure increasingly less.

However, typically nothing is infallible and no “accessible” showing software can expect 100% uptime, but how close can it really get?

Any software providing technology where availability is key to your business success should be prepared to provide you with a SLA (service level agreement), this should give you an indication of their investment and commitment to your business.

Service level agreements

You’ve probably heard about 99% uptime, a typical SLA uptime standard, sounds good right? But what does this mean?

In practical terms it’s the minimum you should demand, 99% uptime equates to 3.65 days downtime per year. If that was evenly spread across the year that would probably be unnoticeable, (1.68 hours per week) but network or hardware failures don’t typically work like that. What if a third of that downtime happened at once? That’s a full day of not being able to access software, software critical to your business’s operation. In the real estate market this could result in lost sales.

The Real Happy approach

So what has Real Happy done differently to address the reliability of this increasing demand on software?

Our platform provides built-in availability and fault tolerance. Serverless Cloud connectivity with intelligent scalability provides accessibility we can underpin with a SLA. Whilst we wish it was practical, the reality is Real Happy’s technology can’t guarantee 100% uptime, but we will stand behind a commitment with SLAs to any enterprise customer. Together, in an unpredictable world we are embracing software, we are adapting processes to change the way you service your clients.

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