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Customizable SMS showing feedback requests from Real happy


Getting accurate, timely showing feedback is easier than ever before thanks to our customizable showing feedback surveys. The forms are automatically sent to buying agents who view your property.

The survey is sent to the buyer with your photo or logo and is presented in a smart, modern mobile optimized page. Raising the bar vs the competition when you share the results with your clients, or when trying to win a new listing!

There is no limit on the number of questions you can create and the results are instantly delivered through to your mobile phone via a push notification that you can then choose to share on to your clients property portal via text message for them to see.

Custom questions can include the smiley meters (the quickest way to gauge whether the buyer is interested), yes/no questions or custom comment fields.

The system automatically sends the request by text message 1 hour after the showing time, and if unanswered again after 24 and 48 hours respectively.

The combination of phenomenal open rates that SMS text messages achieve, with our simple, mobile optimized feedback forms mean you could achieve much higher rates of feedback than ever before.

The feedback form can be customized to a specific property or use on a group of properties, with questions tailored to the specific traits of the home.  Forms can be customized and created in seconds directly from your mobile phone.


The average feedback score is shown on your properties by the relevant smiley face and you also have access to filterable list of statistics for the property.

  • Showings conducted
  • Number of page views on your booking page
  • Average feedback rating
  • Most recent rating
  • Highest rating
  • Lowest rating
  • Number of form responses received

    showing feedback survey results. Feedback statistics

Feedback for a property can be downloaded for a property which includes all form responses the property has received, all within a CSV file.

Borrowing referral emails can also be automatically triggered to your preferred mortgage lender!

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