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How to start your contactless open house

Getting started with a contactless open house couldn’t be easier

Written by mirashade
Last updated 6 months ago

Contactless open houses are quick and easy to start and you can customize every question. By default we will ask the lead for their name and phone number.

The rest of the questions are up to you. If we detect an email address in the contacts response then we will add that email address to the leads contact card.

Step1: Add a property
Add a property using the add either typing an address using our Google places lookup lookup feature or manually add the address. Tip: If using the manual add feature you can add any name of the address you want, this means you can call the property “Exciting townhome” or other catchy names.

Step2: Tap “Lead capture”
Tap lead capture from the action boxes on the property you just added. Real Happy will have already created you a QR code and SMS instructions for lead capture. Simply tap QR code, SMS info or View page. QR codes can be shared via any method and printed to use throughout the property for registration, SMS instructions can be TEXT from anywhere. We will also have added the selected form to your property site.

Optional step
You can either use our default open house form, edit it or make your own totally customized form. Tap on the burger menu from the properties list and select “Forms” to be able to edit a form or add a new form.

Step3: Visitors register!
Your visitors can either point their camera phone at the QR code or SMS the instructions. As soon as they add their details, you will receive an instant notification to Real Happy that a new contact was created. If they start their registration but don’t complete the questions, we will send them TEXT reminders for the next 3 days.

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